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New PDF release: 1000 Most Important Words

By Norman W. Schur

ISBN-10: 0345298632

ISBN-13: 9780345298638

In response to the competition that we don't utillize speech to its fullest volume, this advisor is a necessary aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and constructing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

Indispensable For Writers, audio system, Teachers!
-- improve your vocabulary
-- exhibit your self truly -- and beautifully
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The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most notable chasms. Figuratively, the word is used to denote a deep difference of opinion or attitude: Trade continues despite the political and sociological chasm between the United States and Russia. There is a deep chasm between civilian and military priorities. From Greek chasma. chicanery (sha kay' na ree) n. This is a useful word to describe trickery, deception by sophistry, subterfuge, and artful quibbling to obtain an advantage; sharp practice. Chicanery is the opposite of straightforwardness.

1000 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS / 23 assuage (3 swayj') vb. To assuage is to soothe and relieve. Thoughtful cards of sympathy can help to assuage grief. A con­ scientious nurse will do her best to assuage the patient’s pain. Nothing assuages thirst like the cool water of a brook. In his famous letter to Mrs. Bixby (Nov. 21, 1864), who had lost her sons in the Civil War, President Lincoln wrote, “. . I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereave­ ment__ ” From the Latin prefix ad-, becomes as- before s, plus suavis (pleasant, agreeable).

Anyone cadaverous looks haggard and ghastly. The word implies pallor, gauntness, and emaciation. People on hunger strikes look cadaverous. Despite their apparent cardiovascular fitness, marathoners toward the end of a race often have a cadaverous appearance. From Latin cadaverosus, the adjective based on cadaver, which we have taken over intact from the Latin as a synonym for corpse, which in turn comes from the Latin corpus (body). cadge (kaj) vb. People who cadge something get it by begging, with the emphasis on imposing on the other fellow’s good nature.

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