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Considering again 12 C and 12 Λ C, from fig. 18 it is straightforward to check that such configurations do not correspond to 12 Λ C in the ground state. On the other hand, with reaction (2) or reaction (1) with K − at rest, it is possible to convert a neutron in the 1p3/2 state to a Λ in the 1s1/2 state, due to the transferred momentum, producing a 12 Λ C hypernucleus in the ground state. The plainest demonstration of the validity of this simple representation is given by the experimental data. In fig.

From ref. [93].

Since the NM channel is characterized by a large momentum transfer, the details of the hypernuclear structure do not have a substantial influence (then providing useful information directly on the hadronic weak interaction). On the other hand, the N N and ΛN short-range correlations turn out to be very important. In fact the large momentum transfer in NM decay processes implies that they probe short distances and might, therefore, elucidate the role of explicit quark/gluon substructure of the baryons.

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