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Download PDF by Sodi, Risa; Levi, Primo; Dante Alighieri: A Dante Of Our Time : Primo Levi and Auschwitz

By Sodi, Risa; Levi, Primo; Dante Alighieri

ISBN-10: 0820412198

ISBN-13: 9780820412191

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ISBN-13: 9781453909959

This unique and well timed quantity information the impression of Dante's Inferno on Primo Levi's vintage Holocaust narrative, Se questo è uomo, and his final ebook of essays, I sommersi e i salvatie. Such key techniques as reminiscence, justice, and the world of the impartial sinners - «la zona grigia» for Levi - are given specific emphasis. 3 questions shape the spine of the booklet: Can reminiscence be conquer? the place is justice for the Holocaust survivor? and, Is there a center floor among sufferer and oppressors, and the way does Levi outline it? plentiful use of interviews with the writer show how Levi relates those 3 inquiries to such modern figures as Sigmund Freud, Franz Stangl, Rudolf Höss, Jean Améry, Liliana Cavani, and Kurt Waldheim

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Not so the punishments apportioned in the real world, in our post-Holocaust world, where some of the guilty were put to death, some imprisoned, some ignored, some let free, and some rehabilitated and reabsorbed into society. 48 What are the demands of justice today, and how can we meet them? No one answer is possible, and certainly not in this forum. 49 Justice derives from fairness, and fairness is a concept within the everyday realm of human experience. Primo Levi also knew justice when he saw it.

As the Squad cleared the corpses from the chamber it discovered a young girl, perhaps sixteen years old, buried under a pile of bodies but still alive. The squad worked with death as part of its daily chores and yet, when faced with an individual case, the members found themselves overcome by pity. They revived the girl and a doctor was called in. Just at that moment, SS Commander Muhsfeld happened by. The doctor explained the case to him. 38 The Grey Zone and the Neutral Sinners Muhsfeld listened and then decided: the girl must be killed.

Levi soon learns that, at Auschwitz, his name is "Hundert Vierundsiebzig Funf Hundert Siebzen"-174,517, the number tatooed on his left forearm-yet he insists on scratching his name onto his soup bowl, in the same place that many merely put their numbers. He is known throughout the camp as Primo, or even "the Italian," a name he shares with Alberto. He manages to retain his identity, and at some cost. His campmate Null Achtzehn is not so fortunate. " 34 He himself seems to have forgotten his name.

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A Dante Of Our Time : Primo Levi and Auschwitz by Sodi, Risa; Levi, Primo; Dante Alighieri

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