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The distinction between restrictive and nonrestrictive modifiers will be dealt with in terms of r, r', and U. INTERROGATIVE SHIFT Subjoined structures, as noted above,® tend to remain declarative regardless of the modality of the superordinate sentence, whereas conjoined sentences appear to share in the modality imposed upon the compounded structure in which they participate. Although there are structures rather difficult to analyze in this respect, it is usually possible to test for con- versus subjunction by observing the distribution of the interrogative envelope.

Are possible semantic features. The Greek letters are variable over the values + and - . Variable specifications convert to + or - by virtue of their presence or absence in the referent. The above formula expresses the lexical relationship in its most general form. It is assumed that blocks of rules of the type illustrated in Appendix I implement lexical realization, since word order and placement of affixes must also be accounted for. 20 I must admit that certain reservations lurk in my mind with respect to COMPETENCE and PERFORMANCE and their application to linguistic research.

On the other hand, if a restrictive clause is removed, the meaning of the sentence in which it appears will be completely changed. Restrictive clauses are generated from a sentence embedded in a noun phrase containing another noun phrase. Nonrestrictive clauses are independent conjoined sentences introduced into noun phrases by the nonrestrictive clause transformation. 10 In the following section we will test the validity of the transformational point of view in the context of other pertinent observations.

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