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Mario Saltarelli's A Phonology of Italian in a Generative Grammar PDF

By Mario Saltarelli

ISBN-10: 9027907374

ISBN-13: 9789027907370

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Canterä udirä udiro D. caffe ragii palto E. astracan bazar nadir Type II: Penultimate A. amore B. carretto pensiero civile minestra amico Type III: Antepenultimate A. comodo B. , have PS stress on the antepenult although the penult is in closed syllable. For this reason we could not give a rule predicting penultimate stress on words like carretto on the basis that a penultimate short V is stressed in a closed syllable. It seems that type II and III can only be handled in a general way by assigning stress partly on morphological information and partly on vowel length.

Furthermore the same feature can be used to account for vowels and consonants alike. (iv) SHARPNESS (shp). This feature encompasses affrication and palatalization. The narrowing of the vocal tract is that of consonantal segments with the compounded feature of the raising of the tongue against the roof of the mouth cavity. Non-sharp A PHONOLOGY OF ITALIAN 43 consonants are not accompanied by such a feature. Sharpness is specified for consonants and liquids, but not for vowels. This feature has been chosen to form one set of both affricate and palatal segments.

Consistently with the phonological rules. This kind of simplicity is grossly reflected in the symmetry of the tree-diagram. The more symmetric the tree, the simpler (the fewer specified features are used in) the system. 32 decisions per segment-type. 09. This represents the power to which the base 2 has to be raised for 34, or its logarithm to the base 2. 23, for its attendant values. Apparently a crude SIMPLICITY criterion, or measure for grammars, can be based on a straight count of specified features.

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