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By Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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I. p. 250. Certain inaccuracies in the values of the weights of some of tho compound* occur in tbfa table; thus, 4 "2 + 5-G = 97, whilst 9 3 appears omwsito nitrous oxide. WTwthor these n» merely printer's errors or are to Ira exprnftied in some other way con now only be conjectured. S«e BOSOM on Dnlton'a First Table of Atomic heights. Manchester Lit.

Chemistry had long ceased to be the slave of the alchemist or the doctor; all scientific chemists had adopted Boyle's definition, and the science was valued for its own sake as a part of the great study of nature. Stahl had well defined chemistry to be the science which was concerned with the resolution of compound bodies into their simpler constituents, and with the building up of compounds from their elements; so that the distinction between pure and applied chemistry was perfectly understood.

7. diminution: the volume, measured under the same conditions as before, having been reduced from 50 to between 42 and 43 cubic inches. The red particles were next carefully collected, and on weighing, were found to amount to 45 grains. These 45 grains were next introduced into a small retort connected with a graduated glass cylinder (Fig. 8), and, on beating, they yielded 41$ grains of metallic mercury and from 7 to 8 cubic inches of a gas which was found to be pure oxygen. Thus, the whole of the oxygen, whether measured by volume or by weight, winch was withdrawn from the air by the mercury, was obtained again when the oxide formed was decomposed by heat.

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A treatise on chemistry by Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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