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A more detailed paper on the parametric generation of subharmonics will be published elsewhere. ) [27, 28]. An example of the hexagonal pattern formation in the photorefractive crystal KNbO3:Fe is shown in Fig. 4 [28]. For more details about self-organization in hexagonal arrays see Banergee et al. [29]. ) gratings. 4: Near-field patterns showing contrast inversion. (a) Positive image. (b) Negative image showing contrast inversion. waveguides or channels. As it was shown in [30, 31], these transversal modulations of the refractive index may be visualized in the near-field by an optical channeling.

This is hard to imagine. Furthermore, the density of shallow centers is correlated with the concentration of deep traps filled with a hole which again seems to be unlikely [37]. The situation becomes still more complicated if perovskites are doped with more than one impurity. An investigation of the light-induced charge transport of BaTiO3:Rh,Fe indicates that several interacting centers in several valence states contribute [38]. 6 Conclusions 37 There are experimental observations that the charge transport in sillenite-type crystals [Bi12SiO20 , Bi12TiO20, Bi12GeO20] has also to be explained by a two-level model [39, 40].

6 Photoinduced anisotropic photoconductivity 9 that minimum intensity of light is near zero. It results in stratified distribution of photoconductivity with near-dark conductivity minima regions. Resulting macroscopic steady-state current along holographic grating J l l will be X/1 - m n2 times less than the photocurrent with homogeneous illumination with the same intensity Io. For the high-contrast limit mn --~ 1 [19] and current Jn -'> O. This simplified approach shows the critical dependence of electrical current on the contrast.

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