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Again Mount Parthenion provides a good example. 8 How was that myth born? 9 According to my point of view, the Athenian aristocracy used, very cunningly, images of mental landscapes in order to create a myth that satisfied determined political interests. 2o In a pre-war atmosphere, Athens needed to reinforce the alliances with the Arcadians, the most important mercenary soldiers in Greece. Athens had to strengthen its relations with Tegea, a politically very important polis. In spite of the strong conflict between Sparta and Tegea, the Athenians had to remember that Tegea did not always have bad relations with Sparta.

L]- I. rraJtaxaT~r]~ 1980, 178-9. 2. lUTO; TT]~ AQxacla~ JtQO~ TT] 8aAaooa. (BA. lEQO; TT]; AQxa6la;. lVOva. lEVEL aoa

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