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Applications of polymers in drug delivery by Ambikanandan Misra, Aliasgar Shahiwala PDF

By Ambikanandan Misra, Aliasgar Shahiwala

ISBN-10: 1847358519

ISBN-13: 9781847358516

ISBN-10: 1847358527

ISBN-13: 9781847358523

Use of polymers has turn into fundamental within the box of drug supply. Polymers play a vital position in modulating drug supply to use greatest healing merits and feature been primary within the winning improvement of numerous novel drug supply platforms which are now available.

This ebook presents information of the purposes of polymeric drug supply platforms that might be of curiosity to researchers in industries and academia. It describes the improvement of polymeric platforms starting from the normal dosage kinds as much as the latest shrewdpermanent platforms. The regulatory and highbrow estate features in addition to the scientific applicability of polymeric drug supply structures also are discussed.

Each various drug supply path is mentioned in a separate bankruptcy of the e-book. All significant routes of drug supply were lined to supply the reader with a breathtaking in addition to an in-depth view of the advancements in polymer-based drug supply structures. Appendices are integrated which include worthwhile pharmaceutical homes of the polymers and critical polymeric functions for numerous drug supply routes.

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This protection can involve delaying the dissolution of drug molecules, inhibiting the diffusion of the drug out of the device, or controlling the flow of drug solutions, for example by creating an osmotic potential gradient or swelling of the polymer [9, 10]. Mathematical descriptions of release mechanisms of these drug delivery systems have also been described previously [11]. It can be further classified into five types based on the mechanism of drug release polymeric drug delivery system in the aqueous physiological environment.

The drug releases only through the rate-controlling membrane, which can be microporous or non-porous. In the drug reservoir compartment, the drug can be in the form of a solution, suspension, or gel or dispersed in a solid polymer matrix. On the outer surface of the polymeric membrane a thin layer of drug-compatible, hypoallergenic adhesive polymer can be applied. PharmaDur® [60] is a novel polymer-based technology based on reservoir system that provides significant benefits over conventional forms of TDDS.

2 Reservoir Type Systems In this system, the drug is encapsulated in a core that is surrounded by a rate controlling membrane. Transport of the drug through the rate controlling non-porous membrane occurs by dissolution at one interface of the membrane or through pores formed in the membrane due to interaction of hydrophilic substances in the membrane (often referred to as pore forming substances) within an aqueous environment [9, 13]. 3 Osmotic/Solvent Controlled Systems Osmotic/solvent controlled systems release active ingredients as a consequence of controlled penetration of a solvent into the dosage form.

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