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By Werner Stumm, James J. Morgan

ISBN-10: 0471511854

ISBN-13: 9780471511854

The authoritative creation to common water chemistry 3rd EDITION
Now in its up-to-date and improved 3rd version, Aquatic Chemistry continues to be the vintage source at the crucial thoughts of typical water chemistry. Designed for either self-study and lecture room use, this publication builds a superior origin within the normal rules of average water chemistry after which proceeds to an intensive therapy of extra complex subject matters. Key ideas are illustrated with quite a lot of quantitative versions, examples, and problem-solving methods.
Major topics coated include:
* Chemical Thermodynamics
* Solid-Solution Interface and Kinetics
* hint Metals
* Acids and Bases
* Kinetics of Redox Processes
* Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
* Photochemical Processes
* Atmosphere-Water Interactions
* Kinetics on the Solid-Water
* steel Ions in Aqueous answer Interface
* Precipitation and Dissolution
* Particle-Particle Interaction
* Oxidation and Reduction
* legislation of the Chemical
* Equilibria and Microbial Mediation Composition of usual Waters

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18 Private, Second Dragoons, with Ringgold equipments, ca. 1846 40 Fig. 19 Grimsley dragoon saddle, 1847 42 Fig. 20 Corporal, Regiment of Mounted Rifles, with Grimsley dragoon saddle, ca. 1846 45 Fig. 21 1847 Grimsley dragoon officer horse equipments 47 Fig. 22 Campbell saddle, 1855 52 Fig. 23 Private, First Cavalry, with Campbell equipments, ca. 1855 55 Fig. 24 First sergeant, Second Cavalry, with Campbell equipments, ca. 1855 56 Fig. 25 Hope saddle owned by General Joseph E. Johnston 58 Fig. 26 Hope saddle owned by General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick 59 Fig.

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Aquatic Chemistry by Werner Stumm, James J. Morgan

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