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By Kevin Greene

ISBN-10: 0415166071

ISBN-13: 9780415166072

This bestselling booklet has firmly demonstrated itself because the so much available consultant to archaeology on hand. It features:
* an evidence to the invention and excavation of sites
* a important define of the foremost courting methods
* transparent causes of clinical techniques
* new theories and present controversies
* explanatory diagrams and photos
* assistance on extra studying and up to date bibliography.

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An example of a recent multi-period Mediterranean field survey project in Dalmatia (Croatia) is described in a case-study below (p. 54). Fieldwork underwater is not unlike that on land, for it relies on visual scanning of areas of the seabed by divers. Photography, recording and surveying practices on wreck sites and cargo scatters use the same general principles employed on dry land, but they are of course more time-consuming and cumbersome. Echo-sounders and sonar scanners replace aerial photography for detecting anomalies on the seabed, except in clear shallow water, and magnetic location devices are very effective in surveying wreck sites (Dean 1992, 128–46).

The Idea of the Past (Bowden 1991, 54). His scheme for the derivation of Australian weapons placed a variety of clubs, boomerangs, throwing sticks, shields and spears into sequences from simplicity to complexity (fig. 12), but a little critical thought soon undermines this idea. A shield is only a shield when it is broad and flat, and a boomerang is not a boomerang if it does not fly; Pitt Rivers’ model failed to take account of invention. Nevertheless, the analogy derived from Darwin’s concept of linear evolution still underlies many modern studies of typology (Basalla 1989).

Resistivity meters detect the resistance of subsoil to the passage of an electrical current, and magnetometers measure variations in the subsoil’s magnetic characteristics. Related instruments obtain useful information by measuring the magnetic susceptibility of the superficial soils, rather than that of features dug into the subsoil. 1 Resistivity surveying When an electric current is passed through the ground between electrodes, the resistance to its flow may be measured. A current will pass relatively easily through damp soil, but drier compact material such as a buried wall or a cobbled road surface create higher resistance.

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