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By John D. Hepworth, Mike J. Waring, David R. Waring, Martyn Berry, E.W. Abel, A.G. Davies, David Phillips, J.Derek Woollins, Colin Drayton

ISBN-10: 0854046623

ISBN-13: 9780854046621

This sequence of books involves brief, single-topic or modular texts, targeting the elemental components of chemistry taught in undergraduate technological know-how classes. every one publication presents a concise account of the fundamental rules underlying a given topic, embodying an independentlearning philosophy and together with labored examples. the single subject, one e-book method guarantees that the sequence is adaptable to chemistry classes throughout various associations.

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Propylbenzene ( 5 ) predominates when the reaction mixture is kept cold, but as the temperature is increased, isopropylbenzene (6) becomes the major product and at 80 "C accounts for approximately 70%0of the mixture. Reaction conditions can also influence the orientation of substitution. An example is the reaction of toluene with chloromethane in the presence of aluminium chloride. At room temperature, a mixture of 1,2- and 1,4-dimethylbenzenes results, but at 80 "C the product is mainly 1,3-dimethylbenzene.

1). 1 A wide range of reactants, catalysts, solvents and reaction conditions can be used, making the Friedel-Crafts reaction a very valuable and versatile process. As well as alkyl halides, alcohols and alkenes are direct sources of alkyl groups. Acyl chlorides and anhydrides are additional sources, but these involve the subsequent reduction of a carbonyl group (C=O) to a methylene (CH,) unit. A variety of catalysts, including other Lewis acids such as FeCl, and BF,, and the protic acids HF, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, has been used.

2) and the effective mechanistic pathway may be somewhere between the two. In the first mechanism, the reaction involves attack of the cation on the benzene ring followed by abstraction of a proton by [AlCl,]-, which is formally converted into HC1 and AlCl,. In the second mechanism, the alkyl group is transferred to the aromatic ring from the complex. 3). Some alkyl cations rearrange to form the most stable ion, thus accounting for the isomerization noted earlier. 3 In the case of acyl chlorides, reaction with the Lewis acid generates .

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Aromatic Chemistry by John D. Hepworth, Mike J. Waring, David R. Waring, Martyn Berry, E.W. Abel, A.G. Davies, David Phillips, J.Derek Woollins, Colin Drayton

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